Saturday, June 11, 2016

MrJackFreckles ~ Wow, Gotcha Day Number Fourteen!

Yup, today,June 10th, was my Gotcha Day, Fourteen year ago, I was gotted by my boss-boy as an early birthday present, his birthday wasn't till October...but since it was summer time, that was better timing as far as getting Gotcha Day to ME! BOL!

Cooper and his talented furmily from Dogster sent me a Gotcha Day Card:

Thanks so much Cooper and furmily!

Sheesh, I was teeny weenie then, OMD!I weighed 2.5 pounds, and fit in growlmy's hand...

I did not 'do' anything too special today, but growlmy did not leave our den at all. So I got to help her with chores in the den and outside too. I love it when she stays home:)

I did get some yummy yogurt; Charlie (from Down Under) thought I should get ice cream...but there is not any of that in our den anymore...not for a couple years already.

Growlmy is getting ready to work this weekend...and then on the 13th it will be pawppy's barkday...oops, I mean birthday, BOL! Pawppy has to go to his work all day and a meeting after his work hours and growlmy asked him if he wanted to do something together after that, but he said no, He just wanted to come home and relax with a nice home cooked dinner and his furmily around him...that would be me and my kitty brofurs, BOL! The unfurbros cannot come by, due to distance and other junk, but they will call pawppy and talk on the phone or leave text messages...sheesh, what a world we live in. The whole furmily of peeps will likely share a special meal later when they can all get together, that means that I will have to do yard guard duty and snoopervise the kitties...Hmmm...

Now I know that growlmy has some nice wine in her pantry...good thing she is off on June 13th...and the next day as well, BOL!

And this is how I do Yard Guard Duty:

See ya!!

Please note that now I am HERE, in a combined blog with my kitty brofurs.
Its called: Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs

I hope you will visit me there and have fun adventures in Bloggerland with all of us:)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

We Are Meezers! We Are Showing Our Colors!

We are showing some older images, cause meowmy is about to go to her work, but we wanted to join in this fun day just for meezers...of course meezer wannabees are welcome, too, MOL!!
This Fun Badge was made by Zoolatry, Thanks!

Thanks for this badge. We saw it and 'grabbed' it, but...sorry we do not know from whence it originated...let us know if you do know and we will link it up:)
Edit: Our petcretary was informed by The Tabbies Of Trout Towne about the origin of this badge: Zoolatry.Thanks so much!

We hope all you meezers and others too, have a wonderfur day!!

See you on Sunday Selfie Day...we hope:)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Selfie ~ Rescued

Today we are having a diffurent kind of selfie...
Yesterday if you read our bloggie, you would have noted that the petcretary left all of us at the den and went for a long walk, north on our road. Its been newly paved, so the walking was good...well, that is until she got to the next county...yup, she walked so far she entered the next county! Wow. No new pavement there, LOL!
Anypaws, she saw lots of interesting things. But when she was about 2.5 miles north of our den she thought she saw some poor critter writhing on the road, newly hit by a vehicle.  Howevfur when she got a bit closer, she saw what she thought was writhing, were the legs of a turtle.
Oh, MY!
This critter was trying to cross the road, and a few cars and trucks had narrowly missed it. Yikes. So the petcretary helped it make a selfie, and then she picked up Mr/Mrs Turtle and placed it on the grass. Said turtle shut her/himself into its shell and so no more selfies were allowed, LOL! At least the petcretary was glad she had walked that way to help rescue this turtle:)
 Here you can see the turtle's markings a bit better:
Not sure what the petcretary would have done if that had been a snapper...yikes!! Gotten a big stick to move it she supposes...
Here are some other nice and interesting views and things  she saw while she walked:
We really need some good rain...Texas will you send it our way soon??
Can you see the varmint?
There he is!
A field of ripening grain.
Closeup of that grain,not sure exactly what type it is?
This horsey was disturbed in its grazing work.
Waubascon Creek, looking to the east.
An old farmstead
Farm equipment...
A working windmill

A decorative windmill and a martin house.

Curious young cows
Not sure, but thinking these are Jersey heifers.
Do you think the postman can reach up this high?? wonder its up so high, LOL!
Zinnias (at home again)
Not sure anymore of the name of these daisy like flowers.
And in case you had thought we were are some selfies of us!
MJF howling at the emergency siren testing...arooooo!
Still howling...aroo-whooo-arooooooo!
Now I need a good roll...
Phew, its warm out here!
And quite sunny!
What ya looking at growlmy?
Hey! Woofs!
Hi, Growlmy!
Meowmy why are you disturbing me?
Getting ready to play...
Hey, Minko, I can smell the nip!
My Sunday Selfie!

Minko says:
This is my 'I am innocent' Sunday Selfie, MOL!
Hey, how did you get in here, Froggie?
This Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hug Your Cat Day!

Its the day of hugs, and meowmy hugged us...but there wasn't anyone to take a picture of that today...and it was raining outside...(Wow, we needed it so we won't grumble too loudly...), so that meant there was not enough light to take good flashless pictures. And trying to set up the camera with a, nevfur mind, MOL! BOL!

MJF had a good time howling today, it was the day that the emergency sirens get tested.
Befur the rains started the petcretary went for a five mile hike up our road, newly re-paved so it was good walking.

Anyways a few days ago we posted some pictures of our angel furblings, Simba and Toki.
When Simba was a teeny one, he got a good hug from some visiting guests,  this picture is from sometime in the summer of 1988. That little girl is all grown up!!
Simba getting a cuddly hug from Tina; ca1988
This was even long befur there were any wee unfurs at our den...

When Simba was even smaller than he was with Tina, he and Groucho were huggers too:)
Groucho was a sweet big brofur to baby Simba:)
Here is a bad picture, when meowmy was about to go to the gym, she had pawppy take a hugging picture:

And we are good 'huggers', too:
Feb, 2008
And yes, its nighty night!!

Happy Hugging!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Selfies on Monday ~ Memorial Day Lookbacks

The petcretary has been working all the days of this long weekend. So because of those time constraints she decided it would be OK to post some memories of us as we commemorated Memorial day in the past. Some of you may have seen these pics you are having a chance to see them again, and some of you have not seen these at all...but we hope you all will enjoy them anyways!
From 2010, wow my furs were a lot brighter then, BOL!

Where the petcretary works it  is always busier on those special times such as holidays. So there will be more visitors for the residents to enjoy, and a picnic too:)
They had a remembering of service men and women a few days ago.
It has been hot here, and some peeps had storms but not here. We did have strong winds though.

We had about 3/4 inch of rain in the past week..all at once. That is not really enough moisture, and even our grass is turning brown.

A few days ago, (May26th), our angel furblings, Simba and Toki had birthday remembrance days. The petcretary received some nice mementos to help celebrate those days, from Manytoes, Tundra , Lynzee and Rory. They are good furends from our Catster/Dogster days. They have some fun doggies too:), including Cooper, another JRT!
Thanks, Manytoes, Tundra , Lynzee and Rory. 
Thanks, Manytoes, Tundra , Lynzee and Rory.
This was Simba as an adult kitty
And this was Toki
The petcretary didn't have a digital camera back she doesn't have furry many pictures of these furry angels. They may look similar to Minko, but all three of them are as diffurent as night is to day, MOL!

This Bloghop is Hosted by The Cat On My Head
We hope all of you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. Please remember to thank those who have served selflessly for us to have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Our Petcretary is Canadian, Pawppy is American, So we are patriotic for all our armed Forces no matter where they came from, they are defending our freedoms, even still today.