Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Selfies on Monday ~ Memorial Day Lookbacks

The petcretary has been working all the days of this long weekend. So because of those time constraints she decided it would be OK to post some memories of us as we commemorated Memorial day in the past. Some of you may have seen these pics you are having a chance to see them again, and some of you have not seen these at all...but we hope you all will enjoy them anyways!
From 2010, wow my furs were a lot brighter then, BOL!

Where the petcretary works it  is always busier on those special times such as holidays. So there will be more visitors for the residents to enjoy, and a picnic too:)
They had a remembering of service men and women a few days ago.
It has been hot here, and some peeps had storms but not here. We did have strong winds though.

We had about 3/4 inch of rain in the past week..all at once. That is not really enough moisture, and even our grass is turning brown.

A few days ago, (May26th), our angel furblings, Simba and Toki had birthday remembrance days. The petcretary received some nice mementos to help celebrate those days, from Manytoes, Tundra , Lynzee and Rory. They are good furends from our Catster/Dogster days. They have some fun doggies too:), including Cooper, another JRT!
Thanks, Manytoes, Tundra , Lynzee and Rory. 
Thanks, Manytoes, Tundra , Lynzee and Rory.
This was Simba as an adult kitty
And this was Toki
The petcretary didn't have a digital camera back she doesn't have furry many pictures of these furry angels. They may look similar to Minko, but all three of them are as diffurent as night is to day, MOL!

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We hope all of you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. Please remember to thank those who have served selflessly for us to have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Our Petcretary is Canadian, Pawppy is American, So we are patriotic for all our armed Forces no matter where they came from, they are defending our freedoms, even still today.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dressed Up For Whitley!

In honor of our dear and much loved doggy pal, Whitely we are joining up to the blog hop, 'Dress Up For Whitley'

MrJackFreckles gets to go furst cause he is a doggy, BOL!

He found a Texas styled hat and put a bandana with it to make him pretend to be a Texas Ranger pup, OMD!! Well, why do you ask?? Cause Whitley was a Texas pup, yup she sure was!

Sure growlmy...I can wear a Hat fur Whitely...
Like this one?
I feel kind of sad when I think about Whitley being an angel pup.
She was a wonderfur pal, I knew her from way back in 2009.
Sheesh, growlmy what happened to the light?
Whitley loved fun,and so do I...I am a ham and so I am giving a wee raspberry, BOL!

It is also Victoria Day in Canada, so Pipo & Minko are going to be dressed up in red & white, to also pay homage to the petcretary who is a Canadian...though she has been living here in the USA since 1987...

Pipo, Dressed up for Whitley and Canada!
Minko, dressed up, thinking of the sweet angelpup, Whitely (and Victoria Day in Canada).
OK, I had to join the Canada group too! Wow, I sure had more color in my furs back then...this is a 'throwback picture from exactly 6 years ago.
This is a Blog-Hop to honor Whitley, she loved to be dressed up! Dory and her furmily are the hosts of this hop.
Dory has her blog here.


We finally can show some selfies, Hooray!
Furst a double one:
Taken from afar...and in bad light...

But is a better double one, MOL!

We are just a bit sleepy...
Time fur MJF
He is sleepy too...

Did you need me??

Here is Minko:
Not impressed...
But he is intrigued by something interesting!
And Pipo:

A sneaky picture of Pipo begging fur a belly rub...its fuzzy cause  it was taken with the zoom...poor lighting didn't help, MOL!

Pipo on the dining room table? Hey, that is not allowed...

He went back to his nest, MOL!

Our springtime yard is pretty too:

Our dogwood blooming; the first time it has been this pretty:)

Dogwood...but it doesn't bark evfur, BOL!
All the blossoms are gone from the cherry tree and it has leafed out. The dogwood is in front of it.
Random grape hyacinths.

This purple lilac has been in our yard as a transplant from Pawppy's yard where he grew up, but this year it actually made some flowers! Hooray!

Wild columbine.
Columbine selfie, MOL!

Squirrel dudes are good fur something...these are oak the petcretary is keeping them until we decide where they need to be permanently.
And still watching...

Running to greet growlmy! I can still run like the wind when I am not too wobbly:)
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We Had To Take Long Naps On May 15; Sunday Selfie Day

Yes we did...we missed the straw hat day, we missed Selfie Sunday and even Chocolate Chip Day. Sheesh, the petcretary thought only having one blog would make life easier, but when she works a whole lot of stuff has to be put on the back burner...sigh...and we had so much to woof and mew about. Aaarggghhhh! That will just have to says the petcretary...
Well, so here are some sleepy least we can still hop with the others:)

I am peeking to make sure the camera goes away else I shall get up and find a new napping spot; though this sun puddle is furry comfy.

Minko is naughtily trying to take a nap as the sun was making puddles on the furbidden tablecloth...
MJF was not that sleepy, and so he just had to show some displeasure at the fact that the petcretary was not home much this weekend at all.
The Petcretary will not be available either for several days...a day here and a day there, as she has other not furry styled commitments...and when those are done, you guessed it, she will be working. Sheesh, she made our two blogs into one and she still can't keep up.
Eventually we might be able to show you what was going on on the road here; some more pretty flowers and such-like.
Here is a straw hat just especially fur the petcretary, Tee-hee!

We also almost missed Nellie's 18th Birthday...but the petcretary did find a bit of time to make her a card; then she found out that Nellie got married to Merlin! Oh MY!! But alas, she ran out of time to make a card for that affair. But we all do hope they share many fine years of wedded bliss!

We Joined Up With The Sunday Straw Hat Selfies Blog-Hop; Hosted By The Cat On My Head

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wags And Waves For Forrest


Recently another beloved fur-child left his peeps to go and live at the Rainbow Bridge. May 10th was designated to be a day to honor Forrest by wagging and or waving to him from the earth so he can enjoy them.
Now we ourselves did not really know Forrest that well, but we do know his furmily is feeling sad, and so all the waves and wags on his behalf will cheer them up a little bit we hope.
Another furmily 'invented' this and made a comment-athon as well.
You can visit them here:  Sammy, from One Spoiled Cat.

So after we learned about this, we sent the petcretary on a mission to search for some waves and wags of our own to add into this event...
Pipo & Minko do a Double Paw wave for Forrest
MJF Has a  nice paws-up wave for Forrest

Well, we can't seem to find the directions on how to make a blog hop out of this...but if you visit Forrest's page, and Sammy's page, you for sure will find all of the pawticipawtors, or so the petcretary said.